Stand Construction

NRC Expo as the exhibition stand contractor provides full exhibition solutions from design to produce your exhibition either by Customized or System-based solutions, regardless of size. We offer turnkey projects through our highly experienced and fully dedicated Project Management, including detail planning, execution, and on-site supervision.

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Modular Exhibition Stands

NRC Expo offers a flexible and impeccable range of modular system-based stand construction and displays that come in all shapes and sizes and fits in your budget perfectly. Our modular stand designs are constructed by aluminum frames with infill panels, which can be reconfigured to suit all your business requirements. We provide the best solution for any modular exhibition systems. Whether you are looking for small self-build, simple and economy design or a full structural modular stand design, we will customize our modular stand systems (Octanorm or Maxima) to suit your business requirement.

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Custom Exhibition Stands

Our custom design exhibition stands are manufactured to very high specifications and standards that will help you to save cost. In our custom design exhibition booths, we try to use the right composition of abstraction and emotions implementing the company's characteristics to engage audiences with utmost precision. Due to our experience and capabilities, we can create and deliver a bespoke custom design stands and displays to give you eye-catching, functional spaces that are sure to get your brand noticed. The entire services' rights from concepts to design ideas to the final construction of custom design stands are executed with the utmost precision. NRC offers turnkey custom stand design solutions and services within your monetary budget and in the given time frame.

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Double Decker Exhibition

Double-Decker exhibition stand designs create lucrative opportunities for the eminent positioning of your exhibiting booth as well as increases the domain for exhibiting, entertaining and working with your visitors. Double-Decker booths consisted of two levels. The upper level can use for all kinds of meetings and quality networking, apart from the main exhibition, and retains bustle and noise going on the lower level. NRC offers the best Double-Decker exhibition stand designs, which equipped with pre-engineered decks, stairs, and bridges, accompanied by graphics to match your diverse requirement. It increases your exhibiting space & visual branding opportunity. Our custom-built Double-Deck booths will suit your business requirements and also create a huge impact in an exhibition hall or venue.

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Country Pavilion Exhibition Booth

Country pavilions are designed and constructed to promote the branding of the country and showcased in an event whether it’s a trade fair, exhibition, conference or seminar, with the propose of maintaining healthy relationships with its target audience and other countries. Country pavilion stands should be designed in a way to provide display sections, an informal hospitality space, catering, and private meeting rooms.
NRC Expo offers turnkey country pavilion stand solutions as well as bespoke ones depending on the varying needs, budget, and specifications from our clients. We design and build an immaculate range of country pavilion stand, creates an ideal opportunity to promote your brand, products or activities. Backed by over two decades of experience, we have learned how to build a country pavilion that infuses confidence among visitors about the respective country and the exhibitors therein.

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Interior Design

Interior design combines the aesthetics of art, which need to be done by a highly professional and creative artist with the science of understanding people’s behavior to make a space truly functional which means architecture engineering. The Interior design of a place expresses its owner's personality and speaks a lot about his business and brands. This makes interior designers the champions of incorporating function into visual appeal and then cladding both of them with comfort.
NRC offers a full range of personalized interior design options from the concept development to the final executions for offices, residential, commercial property, healthcare centers, and the hospitality sector. Our expertise is shared across the spectrum of design disciplines to ensure tactile, healthy, secure, comfortable, efficient and meaningful interiors and provide you an excellent and memorable solution that meets your budget, exceeds your expectations and gives you return on your investment.

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